The solution platform for any segment of business


Oprin Lanka is an organization that offers several of products and services in different Fields. Being in the business for the last three Decades Oprin Lanka has grown by expanding the business in a stable platform locally and internationally. Oprin Lanka is equipped with many solution services that support the business community in the Globe.

Oprin Lanka is working closely with the government to help them meet their interoperability objectives. We are looking to help the small and medium manufactures to market their products, Conducting CSR’s to serve the nature, supporting the Youth by using the youth labour for the betterment of the country. Trust that you will find the products and services you required for your organization. We will constantly strive to partner with you in the best possible way in addressing your business needs.


The solution platform for any segment of business


At Oprin Lanka our mission is to empower individuals and business with a committed service by creating a wide platform with technology and services for all agers and abilities. Oprin Lanka is the trend setter with a wide range of innovative products and services. With a committed service towards all agers and a solution platform for any segment Oprin lanka empowers the entire Island.

Chairman’s Vision

Today the eyes are set on Sri Lanka globally as it bears the coveted tag of the ‘best geographical location in the Indian Ocean’. Sri Lanka enjoys a global reputation for its beauty and Natural recourses. In order to set the right direction, it is the government’s charter to manage the geographical values and the natural resources and market it with the private sector. As Oprin Lanka exposed to varied markets and issues across the Island, we would like to share our knowledge and experience with the Sri Lankan Business community. Keeping our users at the core of our business, we have conceived to continue for more than three decades under a stable financial platform. This journey was with a strong infrastructure accompanied by a dedicated team. Our attempt is to offer a wide range of products and services and set trends for all ages in all categories. As a result of ever-evolving IT infrastructure and increasing the products and services, we have created opportunities for any individual of any part of the Island to build up their business with a minimum effort. We have attempted to demystify the issue of Interoperability and have suggested strategies to address the challenges.